Experience Easter

Experience Easter

April 21, 2019


Maybe you’ve been to an Easter church service, or maybe you’re positive that stepping foot in a church will make you burst into flame.


The truth is….it takes a bit of dissonance—a bit of brokenness—to create something beautiful.


This ain’t your Great-Grandmother’s Easter, my friends.


9:30 – 10:45am | Experience Easter Exploration Time


  • Walk with others through this experience of gratitude, action and wayfinding.

* The Experience Easter exploration time will begin at 9:30am. Please enter the building through the front entrance.
* Brunch provided, please RSVP at: so we can prepare enough food.


11am – Noon | Celebration Time

  • Hey, if you liked exploring, stay a bit longer. Fear is not the final word.

The Salvation Army KROC Center,
2825 Y St Omaha, NE 68107